Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a new development that enables to carpet spaces using tile-like squares instead of rolls. The modularity of carpet tiles allows for countless designs, and opens up a new world of design possibilities. Spaces can be designed with carpet tiles in any direction, color, and pattern that we wish. The combination of tones and directions creates an attractive, interesting, and unique surface. Carpet tiles are highly durable, require minimal maintenance, and offer acoustic and environmental benefits. Carpet tiles absorb acoustic energy, and carpet-tiled rooms have less ambient noise. In addition, their thermal insulation helps to maintain temperatures, reducing the need for using air conditioning; and the carpets are made with green, environmental materials in a full recycling process. Carpet tiles are made of densely woven synthetic fiber with a rubber base that gives the carpet stability and durability. Innovate markets carpet tiles from American manufacturer Interface, a longtime leader in its field. The manufacturing and development of Interface’s carpeting is based on scientific research into nature, guaranteeing the company’s products an especially high quality and standard. The company employs a wide array of natural patterns and tones, producing carpet tiles according to rigorous environmental standards using recycled materials, in order to remain authentic and true to the source.

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World Woven Collection

Broadloom Carpets

Surfacing a floor with a rolled carpet is an ideal solution for the institutional/corporate/public markets, improving the property’s acoustics and lending the space a lovely look with a rich variety of textures, tones, and patterns. A Broadloom Carpets is considered an economical and easy-to-maintain solution compared to various floorings such as stone, marble, and ceramic tile. Innovate imports and markets Woven rolled carpets from Carpet Concept, which has won dozens of design awards for its products during its twenty years. Carpet Concept’s Broadloom Carpets are made of wool and polyamide/nylon fibers, at the company’s own factory, using a traditional and highly meticulous weaving method based on many years of textile manufacturing. The carpets are noted for their durability, acoustic efficiency, and extraordinary creativity and quality. The company provides carpets for commercial use and for projects by major architects around the world.


A PVC carpet is a special rubber sheet used to surface existing floors. This flooring can be used for household purposes, commercial purposes, and luxury design purposes. There is an extremely wide selection of patterns, tones, and textures in PVC flooring for public places, trade centers, cinemas, gymnasiums, hospitals, educational institutions, and more. PVC flooring offers numerous advantages, including wonderful flexibility, maximum strength, and especially high durability. This flooring can withstand extremely high pressures, and carries industrial-grade erosion rates. In the past, this type of flooring was known as linoleum, and its various advantages stem from its wonderful properties, which make it particularly strong and durable. Another advantage of PVC flooring has to do with its endless design possibilities. Household linoleum, for example, comes in a vast selection of colors and patterns, from plain colors to patterns simulating tiles or parquets, to various creative patterns and drawings for different parts of the house – e.g., unique patterns for children’s rooms, etc. PVC flooring comes in rolls or tiles that are simple and easy to install, and nowadays there are tiles that don’t require gluing, but simply click together like parquet floors. Innovate markets PVC flooring from Belgian manufacturer tec22, who leads innovation in commercial PVC flooring and makes elegantly-designed and uniquely impressive Woven carpets .