Modular FTC partitions

Modular partitions allow for the correct and flexible separation of a property, the maintaining of good acoustic levels, and unique and diverse design possibilities. The partitions’ flexibility enables to modify the division of space, ensuring that the division is as perfect, smart, and intelligent as can be, while maintaining crucial aspects such as spread and aesthetics. With modular partitions, it is possible to create an innovative designer work environment precisely tailored to the client’s needs. Innovate is a pioneer in the field of modular partitions in Israel, and works with the foremost advanced manufacturers worldwide. These include veteran Dutch manufacturer Maars, known for partitions that combine advanced technologies with innovative concepts, extraordinary designs, excellent materials, and rich colorfulness; and Italian manufacturer Citterio, the leading office furniture maker, whose products combine aesthetics with functionality, convenience with original design. Citterio’s inspirational partitions are noted for their geometric, elegant, and clean lines, and provide creative solutions for designing spaces.




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Moveable partitions

The wish to create intimacy and/or define zones together with the wish to maintain a large and roomy space are challenges integral to designing an interior space. One solution is to use movable acoustic partitions. Movable acoustic partitions are set into the floor and run along a ceiling railing. Unlike fixed partitions, the portability of these partitions enables to divide the space according to the customer’s shifting needs. These partitions are meant for spaces such as offices, educational institutions, fairs, banquet halls, cafeterias, training rooms, etc. Innovate markets portable acoustic partitions from veteran Dutch manufacturers Parthos and Espero. Parthos makes smart and functional quality designer partitions with perfect finishing. A member of the Dutch Green Building Council, this company is committed to using green, recyclable materials and economical, environmental manufacturing processes. Dutch manufacturer Espero is known for its innovative, creative, and easy-to-operate partitions, which are constantly updated in line with international design trends.