Customize Carpentry

Innovate carpentry is at the pinnacle of unique carpentry in Israel, and famous for its “soulful” wood works and the uncompromising quality of its carpentry’s materials, execution, and finishing. Innovate’s unique carpentry is known for its traditional handling of wood, its attention to the tiniest details, its use of advanced technology, its various processing techniques for perfecting the items, and its rare ability to combine diverse, advanced, high-quality materials. That gives the carpentry the option to respond perfectly to its customers’ every need. The carpentry specializes in using rare woods and incorporating additional finishing materials, various metals, glass, Perspex, and Corian surfaces. Thanks to the many years of experience, the staff’s professional skill, and the close and meticulous supervision of the company’s planning department, the carpentry can provide sophisticated and creative technical solutions for highly-complex, large-scale projects.