Acoustic Ceilings and Claddings

is an integral part of the property’s envelope and design, and has a major effect on the property’s visibility. Thus, it is important to choose a matching ceiling that corresponds with the office or house’s overall design, and that is also functional, permitting the installation of lighting and various systems as needed. The ceiling has many design roles. It can aesthetically conceal various infrastructures running over it (communications, electricity, air conditioning, water). It can modestly accentuate other design elements in that space. And it can also have a pronounced design presence, and add to the place’s character with its texture and color, with nearly limitless possible design combinations depending largely on the planner’s imagination and creativity. The ceiling also has a key role in the room’s acoustics, and when design meets superb acoustics, the property has a perfect atmosphere. Innovate imports metal ceilings from German manufacturers Durlum and Gaipel, both leaders in .their field, ans wooden ceilings and acoustic coverings  in a variety of designs and finals