Office Chairs

We spend many hours in the workplace – sometimes more than at home. Comfortable sitting during work is crucial for employees, and equally for the employer. When an employee is comfortably seated, they can produce much more, and their satisfaction with the workplace improves. At Innovate, you’ll find the finest employee chairs from leading European brands.




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Informal Areas

Informal area is a space that requires special attention, due to its unique character and the need to make it pleasant for those sitting and waiting in it. To this Innovate imports seating systems from leading manufacturers such as Sancal and Softline, de bernn, who make quality designer seating areas that provide maximum comfort and inspiration.

Guest/Cafeteria Chairs

Guest chairs are an inseparable part of a guest’s first impression on entering the office. Thus, even with waiting area chairs, it’s important to choose chairs that will make waiting pleasant, both visually and ergonomically. When choosing cafeteria chairs, it’s important to remember that they were designed, among other things, to create an informal, comfortable, and pleasant meeting place for employees in the workplace.