Interior Doors

Interior doors lend the house a designer touch and grace that make it more pleasant to live in. Innovate’s door department focuses on three areas: offices, luxury apartment buildings, and private homes. The door’s harmony with the space depends on several factors, and its optimal conformity with it is key to the space’s sense of completeness. The wide selection of doors on offer provides the needs and requirements of customers seeking doors for their home, with personal statements in unique finishes and designs – such as leather, cement, marble, Corian, all types of veneer, different glasses, and special innovative materials; as well as comfortable modern mechanisms combining state-of-the-art detailing and technology.

Sliding Doors

Invisible Doors - Hidden Hinges

Invisible Pivot Doors

Swing Doors

Harmonica Glass Doors

Laser Cut Doors

Harmonica Acoustic partitions

Entrance Doors

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and not only when meeting new people – but also at the entrance to a home, office, or any kind of property. Entrance door is the first designed element one encounters, which is why it should conform to the building’s exterior and its interior design. It wasn’t long ago that home entrance doors had the single function of securing the inhabitants. Everyone more or less had the same brown wood-grain wallpaper indicating that this is indeed the entrance to a home; and luxurious or stylish front doors were the sole province of stately public locations and the wealthy. But today, thanks to the market’s growth and rising awareness of style and design, doors have long since become a must-have decorative touch with a personal statement. However, at the end of the day, when we lock our office or home, we still want to feel safe – so a entrance door should offer strength, quality, and a high level of insulation. Innovate imports a variety of doors (entrance doors and interior designer doors) from well-known and highly rated international door manufacturers, such as Oikos, whose very DNA carries the idea of constant innovation.