Complete solutions for designing interior spaces

Innovate is Israel's leading planner, supplier, and installer of quality design finishing products for corporate and private properties. The company places its clients first, and provides a comprehensive and modular service and product set for perfect and meticulous design, adaptable to any taste or budget. With all services under one roof, our clients enjoy more efficient work, creatively tailored to their needs and necessity, with integrated and coordinated response, and at the shortest schedules. Our company showroom, in the Caniel compound in Kfar Saba's northern industry park, covers over 1,000 m² and provides 360° solutions. Our products include  acoustic modular FTC partitions of all types; floor coverings including carpet tiles, broadloom, pvc and parquet; acoustic ceilings and claddings; doors; industrialized furniture systems and flawlessly executed custom-made artisanal carpentry; and a selection of seating solutions, including advanced ergonomically designed chairs and stylish seating systems for informal sitting.

World-leading partners

Innovate handpicks the brands that it collaborates with and whom it introduces to the Israeli design sphere. Each of these brands is an international design leader in its field, and lives up to Innovate's values: innovation, creativity, uncompromising quality, product variety, and use of advanced technologies.


Innovate is a home for creating professional, social, and sustainable living environments that realize action as well as personal and business growth. It's a home for architectural expression, innovation for clients, and service for employees.

Realizing a new creative vision

The company's vast experience, its comprehensive set of services and products, and the international brands' quality and innovation enable Innovate to realize each client's design fantasy. The company has its own factories, including a unique artisanal woodshop, enabling us to create products from personal design using innovative materials in keeping with the latest trends in local and international design.

Innovate knows how to elaborate the sum total of each project's components - the client's needs, the real estate's limitations and strengths, the planner's creative vision - and to create a new statement with each and every project, providing it a unique character of its own.

A winning team: professionalism, reliability, and long-term personal service

Innovate has over 100 employees, headed by founder and CEO Avner Kinel. Each of the company's employees in Israel and abroad is a reputable expert in their field, with years of experience. Innovate is known for its uncompromising service values, its high professional standards, and the perfect synchronization among its various departments.

We work directly with the client, architect and the project supervisor in order to provide a comprehensive, tight and precise design umbrella. The company's human capital is what makes Innovate innovative.

Our clients

Innovate clients are the center of our strength. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, Innovate has made numerous friends and partners along the way from all sectors in Israel: hi-tech firms, banks, insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms, ad agencies, defense companies, automotive companies and many more.

More than 5,000 projects bear Innovate's unique thumbprint, including the biggest market-leaders: Facebook Israel, Google Israel, Ness Technologies, Microsoft, eBay, Harel Insurance, Clal Insurance, Gitam, Canada Israel, Mercantile Bank, Kardan, Boeing, and others.

"For me, Innovate is a dream come true. The company's human capital, variety of products and suppliers, professionalism, ability for precise detail, vast experience, values, good will and grace - are evident wherever you turn, and make me immensely proud."

Avner Kinel, owner and CEO

International orientation

Innovate collaborates with leading and influential architects, designers, and entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world. In addition to its extensive Israeli operations, Innovate owns a Poland-based company with similar activities worldwide.

Collaborating with leading professional brands from across the globe keeps Innovate in touch with trends and innovations from all walks of international design culture.

Part of the community around us

Innovate considers acting and contributing to the community as an important and mutually-rewarding value.

The company contributes to several institutions and organizations representing various activities, such as sports, children and teens, agriculture and national development, families in need, children with cancer, IDF casualty commemoration, and more.