Office Furniture

As the world around us becomes ever faster and more connected, the way we work changes, and accordingly so does our work environment. When designing a dynamic office, it’s important to enable flow and change, to support the life taking place in it, and to know the new solutions that are available. Innovate has established itself as a leader and an expert in office and institutional furniture in Israel. We are in touch with global design trends and advanced technological innovations, studying them and delivering the current solutions necessary. In addition to local production, Innovate has cultivated over the years extensive and exclusive collaborations with leading international brands, including Unifor, Forma5, Citterio, Techo, and others. Every year, we handpick and import quality series from the world’s finest office furniture. The office furniture of the international brands with whom Innovate collaborates is noted for its modular flexibility: the new office is always in motion, changing and updating, adapting itself to the activities that take place in it. The furniture solutions enable to transition harmoniously from one state to another. Fixed conference rooms side-by-side with casual gathering areas, modular teamwork environments, warm spots for ad-hoc connections, and more. Ergonomics: the new office strives for maximum convenience, which envelops the employee in a free and natural feeling. Research shows that comfortable workplaces improve productivity and employee satisfaction. The brands that Innovate represents in Israel are champions of ergonomics: adjustable desks, smart chairs, and more – ergonomic solutions surrounding the employees at 360 degrees; innovative and unique design along with careful attention to technological solutions. Innovate chooses to work with brands that emphasize their products’ design, innovation, and aesthetics.










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Office Storage

Office storage solutions normally occupy a prominent place in the room. Whether it’s a single cabinet, two cabinets, or a shelf, these items are quite conspicuous in the office landscape. In the past, only the functionality of storage solutions was addressed, and we would make do with an efficient and functional storage solution – but nowadays an item’s design is at least as important as its functionality. At Innovate, you can find countless designed, modular, and innovative storage solutions to complete your office space’s interior design.

Office Desks

The desk is the most significant piece of furniture in the office, and is extremely important for design. It affects the atmosphere of the room, and often even affects concentration and regular work. Thus, the choice of desk should match both the impression we wish to convey and the office’s overall design theme.

Office Accessories

Perfection is in the details. To complete the perfect, thoughtful design of your office space, Innovate offers a broad selection of unique office accessories. After investing in designing the space, don’t forget that the small items can also form a sort of personal signature to your office.